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The Association for Compostable Products

The Association for Compostable Products (Verbund kompostierbare Produkte e.V.) is a registered association founded in Berlin in September 2013.

Its main objective is to promote the separate collection of organic waste in Germany. 

Every year, almost five million tons of organic waste are still disposed in the residual waste bin and treated by incineration. Since January 1, 2015, the separate collection of organic waste has to be established nationwide in Germany (German Law on Circular Economy 2012). However, about one third of local authorities still lacks behind.

The collection of organic waste becomes cleaner and more convenient with organic waste bags made of compostable plastics or laminated paper. These bags help to increase the acceptance of a separate organic waste 

collection and the volumes collected. Consequently, the use of compostable bags can help increase biogas yields from kitchen wastes in anaerobic digestion plants. 

A standardized design helps identifying organic waste bags, not only by consumers but also when treated in composting or anaerobic digestion plants. Therefore, the Verbund kompostierbare Produkte e.V. has recently published recommendations for a standardized design of organic waste bags in Germany. 

The main feature is the “Seedling” logo (® European Bioplastics e.V.), repeatedly printed on the bag forming a grid pattern. 

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